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Virtual Machine Setup on Sunlight Platform

Virtual Machine for Maximum Storage performance

Create two datastores

Two datastores are created from two physical NVMe drives on the same Compute Node.

two datastores from two physical NVMe

Create a resource group

A resource group consists of the two datastores created in the last step and at least 16 CPU cores with CPU Pinning enabled.

a resource group consisting of the two datastores a resource group consisting of the two datastores

Create an instance flavor

An instance flavor consists of 16 cores, 64 GB memory, one root storage device and two ephemeral storage devices.

an instance flavor

Download the instance template

The instance template contains the operating system for your virtual machine.

an instance flavor

Create a virtual machine instance

A virtual machine instance is created within the pre-created resource group and with two ephemeral virtual disks from two difference datastores.

an instance flavor