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Oracle Database 12c

Application Description

The Oracle Database application suite is still one of the most widely deployed commercial database apps today. It is used to support a very wide variety of usecases such as ERP systems, CRM systems, E-Commerce solutions etc.. Given the nature of the commercial licensing, performance and tuning are critical to ensure that a consumer gets the optimal performance per $ out of their investment.

Testing Tools

When the Oracle database is the choice for your application, it is needed to assess Oracle random physical I/O capability on a given environment/platform in preparation for OLTP/ERP style workloads. There is no shortage of transactional benchmarks such as Dominic Giles’ Swingbench and cost-options such as Benchmark Factory. However, the problem with these kits is these kits are transactional so they are more suitable to prove Oracle scales those applications, rather than test database I/O characteristics. These transactional test kits involve physical I/O but the ratio of CPU utilisation to handle physical I/O is generally low and most CPU resources are being used to execute Oracle intrinsic transaction code paths.

Oracle SLOB – the Silly Little Oracle Benchmark is a complete toolkit for generating I/O through an Oracle database. SLOB is the tool to analyse the I/O capabilities of your Oracle database. SLOB testing has been used by many industrial vendors to show the SLOB results in their use cases, which are available here as a collection of articles.

Infrastructure Environment Tested

The Oracle DB application has been tested on the following:

Resource Value
Host OS CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)
Kernel Version 5.2.14-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64
Package manager Yum
Application version Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
Environments tested AWS R5 instances (Intel Xeon Platinum CPU @ 3.1 GHz ), Sunlight on premise (Intel Xeon Gold 6130 CPU @ 2.10 GHz)

Configuration and Setup Description

The configuration consists of the following aspects:

  1. the VM instance configuration
  2. the host operating system (OS) configuration
  3. the Oracle database installation
  4. SLOB setup and configuration for testing

The VM instance hosting the Oracle database is configured as the following table.

Instance Setup Instance Type Instance Storage Number of Cores
Sunlight Sunlight 500 GB 4, 8, 16
AWS General Purpose SSD r5.xlarge, r5.2xlarge, r5.4xlarge 500 GiB General Purpose SSD (gp2) - 1500~3000 IOPS 4, 8, 16
AWS Provisioned IOPS SSD r5.xlarge, r5.2xlarge, r5.4xlarge 500 GiB Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1) - up to 25000 IOPS 4, 8, 16

The same host OS configuration is used across the different environments tests and the detail configuration is provided below. The SLOB configuration is provided in the different individual tests description.

Oracle Database Host OS Setup

Replace the kernel as stock kernel does not have multiqueue blkfront.
sudo rpm --import
sudo yum -y install
sudo yum --enablerepo=elrepo-kernel install kernel-ml
sudo grub2-set-default 0
sudo reboot
The host operating system has been configured in the /etc/sysctl.conf file as the following setups.
fs.aio-max-nr = 1048576
fs.file-max = 6815744
kernel.shmall = 6180853
kernel.shmmax = 31645970432
kernel.shmmni = 4096
kernel.sem = 250 32000 100 128
net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 9000 65500
net.core.rmem_default = 262144
net.core.rmem_max = 4194304
net.core.wmem_default = 262144
net.core.wmem_max = 1048586
net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1
net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6 = 1
net.ipv6.conf.lo.disable_ipv6 = 1
vm.overcommit_ratio = 100

Oracle Database Installation

Install the prerequisite packages
sudo yum install -y binutils.x86_64 compat-libcap1.x86_64 gcc.x86_64 gcc-c++.x86_64 glibc.i686 glibc.x86_64 glibc-devel.i686 glibc-devel.x86_64 ksh compat-libstdc-33 libaio.i686 libaio.x86_64 libaio-devel.i686 libaio-devel.x86_64 libgcc.i686 libgcc.x86_64 libstdc.i686 libstdc.x86_64 libstdc-devel.i686 libstdc+-devel.x86_64 libXi.i686 libXi.x86_64 libXtst.i686 libXtst.x86_64 make.x86_64 sysstat.x86_64 zip unzip smartmontools bzip2 java-1.8.0
sudo yum groupinstall -y "X Window System"
Install the Oracle Database

Download the Oracle database package and install it using the installer wizard. More information about Oracle Database installation is available at Installation Guide provided by Oracle.

SLOB Tests and Results

SLOB setup and configuration

The SLOB kit is available to be downloaded here at SLOB repository. A full documentation for usage of SLOB is available at this PDF file.

Creation of testing database

Performance graphs

Oracle Database Performance measured by SLOB

Oracle Database Performance measured by SLOB

Oracle Database Performance measured by SLOB

Oracle Database Performance measured by SLOB