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Sunlight cluster on AWS

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The Sunlight can be deployed directly onto AWS metal servers as on-demand infrastructure. A sunlight cluster is comprised of a minimum of 2 nodes. Each node is an Amazon EC2 metal instance. Once deployed it is a fully functional HCI cluster running within AWS with integrated elastic network support via the AWS Nitro hardware card. Currently Sunlight supports the following metal instances with different hardware configuration:

Name vCPU RAM(GiB) Local Storage Network Bandwidth
i3.metal 72 512 8 x 1900 NVMe direct attached, EBS on-demand 25 Gbps
i3en.metal 96 768 8 x 7500 NVMe direct attached, EBS on-demand 100 Gbps
z1d.metal 48 384 2 x 900 NVMe direct attached, EBS on-demand 25 Gbps

Once deployed, appropriate instance flavours can be created via the Sunlight dashboard to match the resources as defined for the reference AWS instances.