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DD performance benchmarks

DD is a common utility in linux distributions for measuring disk bandwidth. We include it here as a baseline measurement on all infrastructure to compare raw disk bandwidth performance that any application can potentially achieve. Note that disk bandwidth is not always a good measurement for high volume small block transactions such as a database application might generate. For this you should check the FIO measurements.

Raw data

The same dd command is used in all cases to provide a fair comparison.

dd if=/dev/xvda of=/dev/null bs=32M count=500 iflag=direct
dd if=/dev/zero of=./out.img bs=32M count=500 oflag=direct
Flavour Read BW (MB/s) Write BW (MB/s)
AWS r5.2xlarge + 50K reserved iops 449 449
SUnlight AWS r5.2xlarge 2024 1228.8

Performance graphs

DD Bandwidth comparison